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Fictional multi-chapter stories of different genres ranging from wholesome to taboo. Prompts are always welcome!

What To Expect From This Blog

What is this blog about?
This blog is a place for me to share my written work, and a place for you to read. There will be a wide range of genre’s touched on, everything from menage romance and taboo relationships to adventures and gory horror. Each story will be updated weekly, and each weekly post will contain one to three chapters depending on their length and how long the story is intended to be. There will also be posts made to give you a heads up on what is to come, and prompts from you are always welcome. I will always credit the prompts given to me, as well as credit you specifically.

How does one leave a prompt?
There is a specific post on this blog titled “Prompt Me.” All you need to do is leave me a message in the comments on that post. Please include your prompt, as well as any specifics you are set on for the story. I will randomly choose one prompt a week to write a short story from. I will credit you, as the prompter, in my post; if enough people respond positively to that prompted post, I will then turn it into one of my longer stories.

What genres can be expected?
I write all kinds of stories, and I can successfully represent many genres. My list of genres I excel at include [but are not limited to]:
-Romance; Menage Romance; Supernatural Romance.
-Adventure; Fantasy.
-Horror; Gore.
My list of specific topics I tend to write about most include [but are not limited to]:
-Vampires; Lycanthrope; [In/Suc]cubi; Shifters; Elementals; Originally created supernatural beings.
-Angels; Fallen Angels; Originally created forms of Angels; Demons; Originally created forms of Demons.
-Menage Romances [3 partners of varied genders]; Non-Romances [platonic relationships].
-Fantasies [think of novels like: Harry Potter; The Chronicles of Narnia; The Inheritance Cycle; Lord of the Rings].
I will always include any trigger warnings or disclaimers that may be included in a story.

What genres are expected to be left out?
I absolutely refuse to write about the following subjects [so please don’t send me prompts of their nature]:
-Any individual under the age of 20 involved in a sexual situation of any kind.
-Bestiality [the sexual interaction between a person and an animal].

How often are posts to be expected?
-I will be posting updates [1-3 chapters] to existing stories once a week.
-I will be posting one short story response to a prompt once a week. When applicable, I will use a prompt given by a reader; when necessary, I will use a random prompt of my own choosing.
-I will announce the arrival of a new story one week before I make the first post. In that announcement, I will share the title and plot description. I may also pose a few questions to you, as the readers, in that post.
-I will never have more than three [ongoing] stories running at the same time.

Is constructive criticism welcome?
Always. All I ask is that you are polite about it, and when you are critiquing my work please keep something in mind; I am not your average author. I write a little differently sometimes, and I do that on purpose. I always appreciate criticism, but I may not always agree with you and I may not change my direction based on something you have said. Please try not to be offended by that, just as I will not be offended by your criticism.

A Note From The Author:
You may not always enjoy this blog, but I hope you continue reading even if you don’t. I do not stick within the boundaries of a happy ending, and sometimes I aim to make you feel something less positive. If you keep coming back, I will take you and your emotions on a wild journey from excitement to fear, to happiness, to hope, to desperation, to anger, and back around again. I might make your head spin at times. I will push boundaries, and often I will edge into taboo territory. I will always include any trigger warnings in the beginning of the story, so please do not criticize anything I’ve written for “going there.” I assure you, I will be going there, and possibly much farther.

Color Me Inquisitive

Welcome to the madhouse. What is this blog about, you ask? Well, that’s simple. I am a writer, and have been from a rather young age. I write everything from fiction [fantasy, romance, menage romance, taboo, supernatural, adventure, thriller, horror, gore, etc..] to fan-fiction. Please feel free to dive into my fictional world, and if ever a prompt or request for something specific crosses your mind, I welcome prompts and ALWAYS credit the prompter! I hope you enjoy my work, and thanks for taking the time to read.

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